It's a very different world today than in 2004 when we sold our first Klean Kanteen®. Seven short years later, the idea of durable, safe reusable bottles has taken firm hold, and finally provides a meaningful counterpoint to single-use containers and even cheap plastic reusables.

There are a lot of water bottles out there, but who do you want to associate your company and organization with? When you co-brand a Kanteen, you are making a choice to show your customers and supporters that you share our passion, values and commitment to making the world a better place. Our mission continues to evolve and our product line will continue to expand to include a wider range of sustainable, reusable solutions. Our goal is simple: to provide affordable, safe, healthy, products that encourage health, sustainability and environmental awareness.

The Basics. We introduced the world's first BPA-free metal hydration bottle in 2004. The grass roots following of our products and company exploded in 2008 when public outcry led to national bans of BPA-laden, polycarbonate containers. Today Klean Kanteen® continues to lead through innovation and example, bringing new products to market that replace plastic with safe, long-life cycle alternatives. The new Reflect Kanteen® eliminates paint and plastic altogether, raising the bar once again.

Our Parent Company Is Our Dad. We are a family business. We don't manufacture our famous bottles alongside cheap plastic products. Our core values regarding health, sustainability and the environment are deeply held, and our thoughtfully produced products are all designed as much to foster change as to earn profits. Our tremendous success to date has only redoubled our efforts to explore new alternatives to plastic where stainless steel can offer superior performance and durability.

Partnerships. Klean Kanteen® collaborates with and supports dozens of organizations working to protect people and our planet. Our network of friends stretches across the country and around the globe, and includes everything from tiny hometown environmental education programs to nationally-acclaimed leaders in advocacy for health and environmental stewardship, music festivals, and private companies known worldwide for their conscientious approach to doing business.

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Parent Company is Our Dad
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