Climb Against the Odds

Klean Kanteen is proud to support the inspiring women and men who devote almost a year of their lives to participate in the Breast Cancer Fund's annual Climb Against the Odds, an expedition of Northern California’s 14,179-foot Mt. Shasta for a team 26 women and men whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

For every climber, this journey begins with the first step. They start as strangers, from different states around the country, different backgrounds, cultures and ages. But they share one thing in common: They've all experienced the challenge and tragedy of cancer and are either cancer survivors or have a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer.

After months of extensive training and preparation, they come together on an epic journey and climb to the summit of one of the tallest peaks in the world for breast cancer prevention. Over the years, the climbers participating in the Climb Against the Odds have summited Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina; Alaska's Mt. McKinley; Mt Fuji, Japan; Mt. Rainier; and Mt. Shasta, California.

At Klean Kanteen, our staff includes cancer survivors, friends and family of cancer survivors, and people who have lost someone they loved to the disease. So we feel pretty strongly about eliminating the causes of cancer and stopping it before it starts. The Breast Cancer Fund has always been focused on prevention, and have been a guidepost and an inspiration to us since the very beginning. We believe that preventing cancer from happening is the real "cure". Supporting the Breast Cancer Fund is one of many efforts we make to work toward a healthy, sustainable future for people and the planet.

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