The New Sport Cap 2.0 from Klean Kanteen - It Doesn't Suck!

CHICO, Calif. (August 17, 2009) —Trying to drink water from a sport cap on a metal bottle, (you know, a bottle you can't squeeze), pretty much sucks. Literally. You end up feeling like a Hoover™ but you're lucky to get few swallows for all that work.

Goodbye Hoover™. Hello sweet hydration. Last year, designers and engineers at Klean Kanteen®, the maker of the first stainless steel bottle designed for personal use, went back to the drawing board and spent a year developing a new sport cap that delivers some serious flow, the Sport Cap 2.0.

“Our first sport cap worked well, but it didn't meet our high standards for performance,” said Jeff Cresswell, co-owner of Klean Kanteen®. “We redesigned the entire cap so that it delivers a high flow rate with almost no effort.”

Put to the test against almost every other metal bottle sport cap on the market, the Klean Kanteen® Sport 2.0 outperforms them all by a long shot. It's so easy to drink from that you barely have to apply any pressure to chug your entire bottle.

Made from BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5), the Sport 2.0 has a large drinking spout and a quieter valve. With only one moving part, it's durable and won't break or get crud in the works. It also features a handy attachment loop that works well with the double-gated, Klean Kanteen® S-Biner from Nite-Ize™.

The Sport 2.0 is the top-selling cap made by Klean Kanteen®. But until now, you couldn't order a colored bottle with a Sport Cap 2.0—it had to be ordered separately as an accessory. Now you can order any Klean Kanteen® Classic bottle, including colored bottles, with the Sport 2.0.

Other new products just released
Klean Kanteen® has also released three new products in the past month: a backcountry filter adapter for the Classic bottles; a new color, Indicator Red; and wide-mouth bottles, the Klean Kanteen® Wide line.

The filter adapter is designed to convert the mouth of a Classic bottle to a universal thread pattern compatible with standard backcountry water filters. One end screws into the Classic bottle and the other end has a universal thread design that connects to the filter.

The newest color in the Klean Kanteen® Classic line, Indicator Red, is available in all four sizes: 12, 18, 27 and 40 ounces. Named to pay homage to indicator species, the naming of the Indicator Red bottle follows Klean Kanteen's tradition of choosing names that subtly refer to environmental challenges faced by all species.

For more information about the Sport 2.0, the Filter Adapter and Indicator Red bottles, and Klean Kanteen® Wide, visit A full press release about the Klean Kanteen® Wide is also available.

General Features of Klean Kanteen Bottles
Each Klean Kanteen® is made from separate pieces, joined and welded by hand then electropolished for a shiny finish. The bottles are made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, which is free of BPA, phthalates, lead and other toxins. It's one of the safest, healthiest materials available. Klean Kanteen® bottles don't need a plastic or epoxy liner like aluminum bottles, which have to be lined to keep chemicals from seeping into drinks.

Klean Kanteens™ are designed with curving radius corners and large, rounded, sweeping threads so they're easy to clean with no hard angles or sharp corners where dirt and bacteria can stick.

The thickness of the bottle walls is a carefully researched balance between weight and durability. The testing process at Klean Kanteen® includes numerous controlled scientific tests. But the staff in Chico have also run over the bottles with cars, jabbed them with knives and bashed them against boulders. The bottles are designed to last a lifetime and don't dent easily.

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