Klean Kanteen Becomes a Lean Green Shipping Machine

Green Shipping and Green Mountain EnergyCHICO, Calif. (May 03, 2010) — Today Klean Kanteen®, makers of the first BPA-free metal bottle, announced a new Green Shipping program to offset the carbon footprint from all orders placed through the online retail store at www.kleankanteen.com. The offsets will mean neutralizing hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide created in the shipping process.

“We are working hard to cultivate business practices which produce mutually sustaining relationships with people and the natural environment,” said Klean Kanteen Sustainability Officer, Danielle Cresswell.

The shipping offsets are the most recent in a long list of sustainable measures taken by Klean Kanteen. All packaging, from the hangtags on the bottles to the boxes and other materials used to ship the products, is recycled from post-consumer waste or made from materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Klean Kanteen also recently became a member of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy, a community of businesses working together to promote clean energy, fossil fuel independence and climate security as part of a larger effort to protect and bolster the economy.

A key piece in Klean Kanteen’s overall sustainability plan is the company’s partnership with Green Mountain Energy Company. In early 2009, Klean Kanteen teamed up with Green Mountain to assess and offset the electricity use at the headquarters and distribution center in Chico. Adding the Green Shipping program is simply the next step.

“When it comes to energy, this effort toward sustainability includes ongoing assessment and adjustment of our operations in order to improve efficiency and reduce our emissions," Cresswell said. "We acknowledge that our business requires direct and indirect electricity consumption, as well as transportation, both of which have an impact on the environment. Our partnership with Green Mountain Energy and implementation of a Green Shipping program is part of our effort to address those impacts.”

How It Works

With the help of Green Mountain, Klean Kanteen used the Greenhouse Gas Protocols developed by the World Resources Institute to figure out the average carbon footprint of a shipment, factoring in average weight, maximum possible distance and mode of transportation. Each green shipment offsets 50 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to planting three trees or opting to bike instead of driving 45 miles. Over the course of one year, the thousands of green shipments Klean Kanteen sends out add up.

The Green Shipping Program uses a portion of the shipping costs to purchase a combination of Renewable Energy Certificates (energy created from renewable sources like wind and solar) and carbon offsets (from projects that capture and absorb carbon) equal to the carbon footprint of the shipping. Put simply, Klean Kanteen is helping fund projects that take carbon out of the atmosphere, equal to the amount generated from the shipping. So the net result is zero.

Why Green Mountain Energy?

Klean Kanteen chose Green Mountain as their renewable energy partner because Green Mountain is renowned for helping environmentally conscious companies like Klean Kanteen operate more sustainably. Green Mountain meets strict industry standards, is a pioneer in the renewable energy field, and is one of the most trusted companies selling Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon offsets. Green Mountain’s RECs and carbon offsets are also certified by third parties such as Green-e and Voluntary Carbon Standard respectively.

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