Klean Kanteen® Introduces Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated Kanteen, Baristas Applaud!

Vacuum InsulatedCHICO, Calif. (November 19, 2009) — What do you do when you’ve got a new product that performs so well and is so versatile it could be a game changer? Since bragging doesn’t look good on anyone, it’s best to just stick to the facts.

Klean Kanteen®, the company that created an industry and changed the way people stay hydrated with the first BPA-free, stainless steel water bottle, introduces the Kanteen® Wide Insulated. It’s everything an insulated bottle can be, and then some, in three different sizes.

  • It’s a leakproof thermos that keeps drinks hot or cold all day.
  • It’s a stylish to-go mug or a coffee cup. Sip a latté right out of the bottle, or use the Café Cap to reduce splash potential while drinking on the go.
  • It’s great for food storage, hot or cold. The wide-mouth design makes it easy to fill it up with chunky soup, a favorite Thai dish or even ravioli.

The new Insulated Kanteen® incorporates the design features that set Klean Kanteen® apart including rugged construction, rounded corners and stainless threads, and uses double-walled, vacuum technology for exceptional insulating performance. In field tests it kept hot coffee steaming for more than six hours and iced drinks cold for more than 24.

Made from high quality, BPA-free, 18/8, food-grade stainless steel, there’s no inner liner to scratch or dent. It comes with a leakproof Stainless Loop Cap, while the Café Cap converts it from a bottle to a to-go mug with a quick twist.

What Our Team is Saying About the Insulated Kanteen
“This bottle adds amazing insulating properties to a wide-mouth bottle while incorporating all the design features and quality materials that set Klean Kanteen® apart. The result is a container with new capabilities and uses, including a mug, a food container or a thermos. But one thing we’ve learned is that our consumers use our bottles for things we never dreamed of, so it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with a product as versatile as the Insulated Kanteen.”
– Jeff Cresswell, COO and Klean Kanteen® co-owner

“It’s my job to make sure all the exceptional aspects of our products are well presented. But I’ll be honest…when we did the field testing, even we were surprised by the incredible performance of the Insulated Kanteens.”
– Scott Rolfson, Klean Kanteen® Marketing Director

“By November it gets pretty cold and wet out there on the water. Last week I filled a 20oz Insulated bottle with hot peppermint tea in the morning. Five hours later I shared it with my students at lunch and it was still so hot we had to let it cool in our mugs. It really did the trick warming everyone up though!”
– Lisa Bryson, Sailing Instructor and Klean Kanteen® Product Tester

Kanteen Wide Insulated
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