"The Original" Stainless Steel Water Bottle

In 2002 we unveiled a 27oz Klean Kanteen® Classic; the original 18/8 stainless bottle designed to be the healthy alternative to polycarbonate and lined-aluminum reusable bottles. From the onset; free of BPA, Phthalates, lead or other toxins. Today, our Classic line continues to be revered by many for its iconic place in history and for its durability and prolonged performance.

Made from high quality, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the Classic is safe and toxin-free, and doesn't retain or impart flavors. No matter how many times it is filled, or what is put into it, these Kanteens keep drinks fresh and clean tasting. With a variety of cap and color options, tailoring a Classic to your lifestyle is effortless. The 1.75" mouth opening is easy to drink from and is large enough for ice cubes and bottle brushes (for thorough cleaning). The slim design of the 18 and 27oz size fit in most cup holders and many bike cages.

The award-winning Kanteen® Reflect raises the bar and is the ultimate expression of our ongoing crusade to change the way people think and drink. Beautiful in its simplicity and deliberate in its design, what you don't see is as important as what you do. No paint. No plastic. Made with just stainless steel, sustainably harvested bamboo and food-grade silicone.

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Klean Kanteen Classic Kanteen Reflect

Features and Specs

  18oz Kanteen Classic
18oz Classic
$18.95 shop
27oz Kanteen Classic
27oz Classic
$19.95 shop
40oz Kanteen Classic
40oz Classic
$27.95 shop
18oz Reflect Kanteen
18oz Reflect
$29.95 shop
27oz Reflect Kanteen
27oz Reflect
$32.95 shop
27oz Graphics Kanteens
27oz Collection
$29.95 shop
Capacity: 18oz
Colors Available:
Weight: 5.125 ounces (145g) 6.125 ounces (174g) 9.375 ounces (266g) 5.125 ounces (145g) 6.125 ounces (174g) 6.125 ounces (174g)
Dimensions: 7" H x 2.75" W
(178mm x 70mm)
9" H x 2.75" W
(229mm x 70mm)
9.25" H x 3.5" W
(235mm x 89mm)
7" H x 2.75" W
(178mm x 70mm)
9" H x 2.75" W
(229mm x 70mm)
9" H x 2.75" W
(229mm x 70mm)
Mouth Opening: 1.75" (44mm) 1.75" (44mm) 1.75" (44mm) 1.75" (44mm) 1.75" (44mm) 1.75" (44mm)
Common Features:
  • No BPA, phthalates, lead, or other toxins
  • Large opening (internal threads) accommodates ice cubes
  • Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel (no liner needed)
  • Electropolished interior does not retain or impart flavors
  • Rounded corners are easy to clean with no hard angles where dirt, germs or bacteria can stick
  • Dishwasher safe (hand-washing painted bottles and bamboo cap is highly recommended)
  • Lifetime warranty
Product Specific Features:
  • 18oz Classic - slim design fits in most cup holders and standard bike cages
  • 27oz Classic - slim design fits in most cup holders and fits snug in our Kanteen® Bike Cage
  • Reflect - laser-etched and features just three materials: sustainability harvested bamboo, food-grade silicone, and stainless steel 
Compatible Caps:
  • Stainless Unibody Bamboo Cap
  • All Stainless Loop Cap
  • Loop Cap - Green
  • Loop Cap - Black
  • Sport Cap 3.0 - Green
  • Sport Cap 3.0 - Black
  • Sippy Cap
  • 27oz Reflect - Gear of the Year
  • Graphics Collection
  • All Stainless Loop Cap
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